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One of the perceived challenges to embarking on an in-home exercise program is the belief that one has to purchase an array of expensive exercise equipment in order to "train all the bodyparts". For those who wish to KEEP IT SUPER SIMPLE, I can help you design your whole body workout space with a minimal investment, usually less than $500. Using balls, mats, bands and dumbbells, clients are taken through a custom designed program which emphasizes correct (neutral) spinal alignment, core stability and functional movement patterns.

If you plan to custom outfit a more lavish home gym, STS can assess your needs, available space and how the design of your future home exercise area can best help you achieve your goals. Or if you already have some (underused) home exercise equipment, I can help you incorporate it into a workout program that is fun to do - never tedious. STS's top three priorities for your personal in-home fitness program are: effectiveness (results!), safety and FUN!

Most condominium buildings and some large companies have an exercise facility on site. In addition to training and counselling services, STS can provide you with start-to-finish advice on floorspace, layout, equipment choice, storage, maintenance, safety considerations and monitoring, based on YOUR particular needs.

Often, building residents or company employees fail to take advantage of on-site exercise facilities due to perceived ignorance: "I wouldn't know where to begin" or "How do you use those machines anyway?" STS can help make the facilities more user friendly: let me evaluate your facility and structure an information session for group or individual needs. Please contact STS for an evaluation of your facility and a quote in this regard. STS is also available for group orientations, information sessions and presentations.

If you have questions about our gym setup services, or would like to make an appointment to discuss your needs, please contact me at:


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