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Congratulations! By checking out this link for information on personal training services, you've taken the first step towards your goal of better health and FUNctional fitness!

One on one instructional exercise sessions are offered on an appointment basis with Laurie Smith, Western Canada’s preeminent kickass trainer. Training session availability is typically weekday mornings. Smith Training Systems seeks to foster the development of autonomous good habits, which include being able to train effectively on your own. Thus every client of Smith Training Systems gets exercise “homework” to do.

Cost is always a factor in purchasing decisions. Available options are as follows:

Number of Sessions 45-50 Minute Sessions 80-90 Minute Sessions
1-8 purchased $90 each $120 each
9-19 purchased $80 each $110 each
20+ purchased $70 each $100 each
Please note that 5% HST is added to the listed price

Longer session duration is recommended for combination sessions, yoga or for excursion sessions. Flat monthly rate packages are available upon request for clients committed to training more than twice a week.

New clients get a complimentary intake consultation up to one hour in length that may include some non-invasive measurements (resting heart rate, calculated body fat percentage, and girth circumference measurements) and musculoskeletal assessments (standing posture, squat, plank, gait). A medical screening questionnaire must be completed prior to starting training and may entail a conversation with the client’s doctor if any physical issues or risk factors are revealed

Group Sessions
Small group training for two to six participants is also available. The cost of this will depend on the number of participants, with the total session cost being slightly higher than the cost of a one-on-one personal training session. Depending on the type of group session participants may be asked to supply their own equipment within reason: for example, to bring their own yoga mat to a small group class, or to bring their TRX (assuming each participant has one) to a partner training outdoor TRX session. No one will be asked to purchase anything cumbersome or expensive. Each participant will be required to do some minor one-time paperwork: to fill out a PAR-Q form and sign a waiver. Easy!

If you have questions about our personal training programs, either individual or group, feel free to contact Laurie at for more information.


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