Client Policies and Agreement.
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The following policies are intended to ensure that both trainer and client have a clear understanding of the rules by which their professional association will be conducted.
  1. All appointments will be recorded and confirmed in writing: email or text message.
  2. Single-session clients will be required to pay for their next appointment before the time slot can be reserved. It is recommended to buy sessions in bulk to get a better price per unit. Having sessions "on file" allows the client to reserve in advance as many sessions as are prepaid.
  3. Payment will be accepted as cash, credit card, cheque or money order. We're working on being able to accept healthy farm animals as well :-)
  4. Sessions must be canceled or changed with a minimum of 12 hours advance notice, otherwise Smith Training Systems reserves the right to charge the session fee.
  5. Sessions start and end at scheduled times. If the client wishes to extend the session without prior notice, the trainer reserves the right to grant or refuse this option depending on other commitments. An additional fee will be levied according to the pricing schedule.
  6. Clients who have pre-paid for multiple sessions and then decide to cancel their commitment will receive a refund for unused sessions minus a nominal administration fee.
  7. Clients should supply Smith Training Systems with advance notice of any medical condition or injury that would require modifications to their program.
  8. The trainer is a licensed, insured professional and will make safety and injury prevention a priority, and will not prescribe beyond her scope of expertise. Nevertheless, there is still some degree of risk associated with any physical activity. The client recognizes and assumes this small degree of risk and will not hold the trainer responsible for injury incurred during or outside of sessions.
  9. All new clients are required to submit a signed copy of the policies to Smith Training Systems before starting their training program.
Click here to download a PDF version of the agreement.
If you have any questions regarding this agreement, please contact us at:


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