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Although face to face work with a personal instructor is invaluable, sometime location circumstances are an issue. Does not being right in front of a coach mean that one can't do a session? Absolutely not!

With today’s technology (YouTube and Skype for example) a client can still work with their trainer from another part of the world. Twenty years ago it would not have been possible to have a personal trainer in another province, state or country. Today it’s just a matter of coordinating schedules and time zones.

Smith Training Systems offers remote coaching to clients who are appropriately set up for online viewing and feedback. For example, the client sets their computer up to provide a live video of them doing exercises, so that the trainer can observe from the other end and make suggestions “Lift your right arm higher” or “That was good. Now do a second set standing on your BOSU instead of the floor to increase the balance challenge.” STS can also offer phone coaching to answer questions and providing counsel where a video is not required.

Remote coaching is a good option for people who normally work face to face with a trainer and who want to receive live instruction and feedback while traveling or on vacation, so as not to experience a hiatus in the personalized real-time feedback they are accustomed to. For details on remote coaching rates, please contact:



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