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What could be more convenient, efficient and effective than a portable suspension training system that requires only the use of your own weight to train every part of your body?

TRX workout

The TRX suspension training system is the best multi-purpose piece of equipment for both road warriors and gym warriors. Your body angle determines the amount of resistance you work with. The vector principle allows you to increase or decrease resistance according to your body position relative to the anchor and the ground.

Weighing approximately 2lbs, the TRX comes in a carry-case and includes a door anchor which converts it from a tool to hang from any overhead bar or tree branch into a "gym" anchored in a doorframe. Especially handy when staying in a hotel or as a guest where you don't have access to a decent gym.

Dozens of exercises for strength, endurance, flexibility and even plyometrics or sports-specific conditioning are possible. And the best part? You're always using your core in three-dimensional movement.

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