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Most physically active people have tried or at least thought about trying yoga at some point. Many athletes practise regularly and even have a preferred style of yoga: Iyengar or Anusara for example, and a favourite type of practice within that style.

Four yoga poses

Yoga is not just for bendy people.  Most people who incorporate yoga practice into their lives are not flexible when they start: yoga is an excellent way not just to increase joint mobility and muscle pliability, but also to build strength, develop focus and body awareness, and release mental tension and stress.  There are many styles and levels - something for everybody.  Vancouver and Los Angeles are the yoga Meccas of the western world, so we are fortunate to have access to such a vibrant and diverse yoga community.

I obtained my 200 hour RYT and Hot Yoga accreditation through Y Yoga in Vancouver, and my Level One YogaFit certification in Toronto.  I instruct at various studios in Vancouver including teaching Hot classes at Y Yoga, both downtown and Kitsilano. It's great to see so many people walking around carrying yoga mats, on their way to or from one of the dozens of yoga studios in any given area of town.

What's your yoga vibe? The smooth moderate tempo of a Flow class, the challenge of a strength-building Power class, the calm focus of Hatha, the restorative release of Yin, or the fiery detoxifying steadiness of Hot practice?

Let's talk asana and pranayama! Smith Training Systems can arrange for one-on-one instruction or provide referral to a convenient studio for group classes.

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